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December 13


Winter 2019

Executive Note: Winter 2019

Mike Chambers, Chair, VES Board of Directors

Eric Roth, VES Executive Director

Welcome to the Winter issue of VFX Voice!

We’re thrilled to celebrate awards season, where outstanding visual effects artistry is in the spotlight.

In this issue, we’ll preview the top contenders for the VES Awards, the Oscars and the BAFTAs, and take a deep dive into winter VFX. We go behind the scenes of Welcome to Marwen and the creation of the Spider-Verse. Technical and creative genius Phil Tippett, VES takes center stage in this issue’s legends profile. Get an exclusive look at Netflix programming and its growing commitment to VFX, read the latest on script-to-previs and virtual production, get a special look at VFX in the U.K. and then get nostalgic with a look back at the original big-screen Superman. It’s all in here and more!

And in big news, VFX Voice won two major awards at the 2018 FOLIO: Eddie and Ozzie Awards, one of the most prestigious national awards programs in the publishing community, for Launch of a New Magazine (Association/Nonprofit) and Design of a New Magazine (Professional/Membership Organization).

We’re continuing to bring you exclusive stories between issues that are only available online at VFXVoice.com. You can also get VFX Voice and VES updates by following us on Twitter at @VFXSociety.

Your enthusiasm and support has made VFX Voice a must-read publication around the globe, and we’re proud to be the definitive authority of all things VFX.

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